City transport

Public city transport is organized through a total of 11 lines with 16 buses. The existing lines cover all parts of the city of Zadar. Public city transport is carried out daily according to the established timetable, from 5:00 am to 12 am.


In the city of Zadar, the carrier uses the following types of tickets:

  • one-way and two-way tickets;
  • worker, pupil, student and pensioner monthly bus passes (tickets);
  • preferential annual bus passes.

One-way travel tickets are purchased and paid in cash to the bus driver.

Via the Zadar City mobile application, it is possible to buy all types of travel tickets, and a travel ticket for one trip is issued at a lower price of 20%.

The cost of creating a physical ZadarCityCard is EUR 5.00.

The cost of creating a virtual ZadarCityCard is free for the user.

NOTE: The sale of two-way travel tickets has been temporarily suspended.

The period for using one-way and two-way tickets is limited from the moment of validating the ticket until the expiration of the time marked on the ticket.

A correctly validated ticket is also valid when transferring exclusively in the same direction within 50 minutes.

A two-way ticket purchased at the indicated price is valid for 15 days from the price change, and unused tickets can be replaced with a surcharge within 30 days. The ticket cannot be used or replaced after the specified date.

Digital travel tickets purchased via the Zadar City mobile app are valid from the moment the ticket is activated via the bus device, and also have a time limit of 50 minutes exclusively in the same travel direction.