Island transport

Transportation on the islands of Ugljan and Pašman is organized so that it consists of a total of six (6) lines. The basic starting point of all lines is located in Preko. Two lines take place on the island of Ugljan, two on the island of Pašman, and two are used to transport primary school students in Preko and Neviđane.

All departures and arrivals on these islands are coordinated with the ferry transport of passengers on the routes Preko–Zadar and Tkon–Biograd. Eleven (11) drivers are assigned daily to perform this transport.

Transportation on Dugi otok consists of two (2) lines. One line connects the western part of the island with the ferry port Brbinj, and the other line connects the eastern part of the island with the municipal center Sali. In accordance with the request of the Municipality of Sali, regular transport takes place three times a week between Brbinj and Sali, which connects the eastern and western parts of Dugi otok.

Transportation of passengers on the island of on the route ferry port Brbinj–Iž is organized daily. Transport of passengers outside the tourist season is provided five (5) days a week, whereas during the tourist season the transport takes place in accordance with the ferry transport on the route Zadar–Iž.

In the area of the islands of Pašman, Ugljan, Dugi otok and the island of Iž, the following types of travel tickets are applied by the carrier:

  • one-way tickets (issued and paid in cash to the bus driver);
  • worker, pupil and student monthly bus passes (tickets);
  • annual island student travel tickets.

Free transport

The following categories of passengers are entitled to free public road transport on the islands of Pašman, Ugljan, Dugi Otok and the island of Iž:

  • primary school pupils who travel daily to school and are not covered by organized free transport in accordance with Article 12 (3) of the Primary Education Act (“Official Gazette” 59/90, 26/93, 27/93, 7/96. , 59/01, 114/01 and 76/05);
  • high school students and college students who travel daily to a school or higher education institution outside their place of residence;
  • high school students and college students who temporarily stay outside their place of residence during their schooling and come to their place of residence on weekends;
  • high school students who travel regularly to regular school practice;
  • pensioners and persons over 65 years of age.

You can find more details on the conditions, criteria and manner of exercising the right to free public island road transport in the Ordinance (“Official Gazette” 82/07 and 35/11);

The right to free public road transport on the islands, i.e. transport without buying a ticket is also exercised by:

  • children up to the age of five accompanied by adults (maximum three children),
  • blind persons with a membership card of the Croatian Association of the Blind and those accompanying them,
  • police officers in official uniforms;
  • municipal services monitoring officers with cards.

Bus passes

The monthly bus pass contains a photo of the passenger and it is non-transferable. It is valid only for the person to whom it is issued and if the appropriate ID number is entered on the stamp of the current month.

Monthly worker, pupil and student bus passes (tickets) with the purchased stamp for the current month can be used (are valid) only on the specified route on the islands, but also on all city routes.

Worker monthly bus pass is issued upon payment of a natural or legal person.

When first applying for a worker monthly bus pass, the person whose name is on the bus pass must present a valid identity card or passport and enclose a 3 × 3.5 cm photograph, which is a faithful representation of the applicant.

The bus pass is valid for the current month, and the renewal of the pass can be done by the person whose name is on the bus pass.

All categories of passengers are entitled to a worker monthly bus pass.

The issued pass is valid indefinitely.

Preferential annual bus passes (pupils, students and pensioners)

When first applying for an annual pupil and student bus pass, the person whose name is on the pass must enclose a certified certificate from the competent educational institution (school or faculty) and a 3 × 3.5 cm photograph, which is a faithful representation of the applicant, as well as present a valid ID card or passport or enclose a certificate of residence on the island.

The bus pass is valid for the duration of the school or academic year – from 1 September to 1 July for pupils, i.e. to 15 July for students, and exceptionally during school practice.

Pensioners under the age of 65 residing on the island are entitled to a preferential annual bus pass based on a pensioner status certificate (pension receipt certificate) and an identity card.

Persons over the age of 65 residing on the island are entitled to free transport in the island’s public road transport only by presenting an identity card.

Passes, stamps and PVC covers can be purchased at the ticket sales department of the Zadar Bus Station, Ante Starčevića 1, Zadar.

The price of making the pass is EUR 2,65 (19,97 kn).

Working hours for the production and sale of annual bus passes and related stamps for the following month take place:

  • three working days before the beginning of the month and the first five days of the month from 07:00 am to 08:00 pm,
  • other days of the month from 07:00 am to 02:00 pm,
  • on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm.

A passenger who has a valid monthly bus pass for the previous month can use it for the first three working days of the following month, after which they must buy a new stamp.

A passenger who loses or damages their annual or monthly pass is required to immediately report it to the carrier who will issue a new bus pass to the passenger within three working days with the payment of production costs, except in cases of violation or misuse of the disputed pass by the passenger or a third party.

The price list of all bus tickets and their production is determined by the valid Price List of the carrier certified ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Zagreb Central Office.

Passenger obligations

The passenger is required to show a valid ticket to the driver or ticket collector when entering the vehicle. If the passenger does not have a valid ticket, they are required to buy it from the driver.

The passenger is required to prepare small change for the purchase of a ticket in the carrier’s vehicle.

The passenger is required to keep the undamaged travel ticket until the end of the trip, and to show it to the ticket collector upon request.

A passenger found on a bus without a ticket or with a defective ticket shall pay a fine in the amount of EUR 13,27 (99,98 kn).

During the ride and stay in the vehicle, the passenger is not allowed to do the following:

  • travel without a valid travel ticket;
  • interfere with the collection and control of travel tickets;
  • disturb driving, traffic and control personnel in the performance of their work tasks;
  • disturb and harass other passengers;
  • enter the vehicle in cases where the driver displayed a notice prohibiting entry due to occupancy or force majeure;
  • smoke in the vehicle, consume food and beverages, throw waste that can damage and pollute the vehicle;
  • damage or steal any part of the vehicle and its markings;
  • enter the vehicle dressed improperly or in unclean clothing and footwear that may contaminate the vehicle;
  • enter/exit the vehicle in undesignated places or during the movement of the vehicle;
  • bring objects and materials into the vehicle that could injure passengers, impair their health and damage the vehicle;
  • bring animals into the vehicle, other than guide dogs for blind people, therapeutic and rehabilitation dogs.
  • be rude to passengers and/or driving personnel.